Distributed Information Services for Climate and Ocean Products and Visualizations for Earth Research

DISCOVER is a NASA Earth Science MEaSUREs project.


MEaSUREs (Making Earth Science Data Records for Use in Research Environments) supports the NASA Earth Science research community in providing Earth science data products and services driven by NASA’s Earth Science goals.

The major objective of DISCOVER is to provide highly accurate, multi-decadal geophysical products derived from satellite microwave sensors. These products are suitable for some of the most demanding Earth research applications and are available via easy-to-use display and data access tools. Most of the products are generated in near real-time, so they also are suitable for some weather applications and field campaigns.


Earth System Data Records (ESDRs), including Climate Data Records (CDRs) are defined as a unified and coherent set of observations of a given parameter of the Earth system, which is optimized to meet specific requirements in addressing science questions. These data records are critical to understanding Earth System processes, to assessing variability, long-term trends, and change in the Earth System, and to providing input and validation for modeling efforts.

ESDRs support Earth science researchers by providing measurements that benefit from data coming from multiple missions spanning longer time periods. DISCOVER produces 5 ESDRs. These data sets have been carefully intercalibrated and consistently processed. The multi-decadal length along with high accuracy and multiple climate variables make the combined DISCOVER datasets particularly useful for answering NASA's "Big Question": "How is the global earth system changing?"

OP-ESDR Ocean Products that are derived simultaneously from microwave radiometer measurements and delivered as a package of inter-related geophysical parameters, including:
MSST-ESDR Microwave-derived through-clouds Sea Surface Temperatures
VW-ESDR Sea surface Vector Winds derived from both scatterometer (active) and polarimetric radiometer (passive) microwave satellite measurements
TB-ESDR Microwave radiometer Brightness Temperatures
AT-ESDR Atmospheric Temperatures from microwave sounders. This data record includes temperatures for 5 different layers in the troposphere and lower stratosphere.

The ESDRs are derived from observations by 33 satellites:

14 Microwave sounders including MSU, AMSU to produce AT-ESDRs
16 Microwave imagers including SSM/I, TMI, AMSR-E, WindSat to produce TB-ESDRs, OP-ESDRs. and SST-ESDRs
3 Microwave scatterometers including NSCAT, QuikSCAT, ASCAT to produce VW-ESDRs

Higher Level Products derived from the basic DISCOVER ESDRs include

Special Application Products and Tools constructed from DISCOVER ESDRs for monitoring specific regional atmospheric and oceanic features include