DISCOVER is a NASA Earth Science REASoN project.

REASoN (Research, Education and Applications Solution Network) is a distributed network of data and information providers for NASA’s Earth Science Enterprise (ESE) Science, ApplicationsNASA and Education programs.

DISCOVER core mission: provide highly accurate, long-term climate data records and near-real-time ocean products suitable for the most demanding Earth research applications via easy-to-use display and data access tools.

Information Technology

DISCOVER IT Development at UAHDISCOVER IT Development at UAH

Ocean Current Watch

The Atlantic Gulf Stream reportedly moves:

data 300 times more water than the Amazon River
data   25 times more water than all of Earth’s rivers

Atlantic Gulf Stream

Kuroshio & Oyashio

Brazil & Malvinas

Agulhas & Benguela



Distributed Information Services for Climate and Ocean Products and Visualizations for Earth Research.