Ocean Surface Wind Speed

A multi-sensor, 6-hourly ocean surface wind speed product is scheduled to be released in late 2006.

Ocean surface wind measurements are derived from ocean surface roughness, and correlate to winds measured ~10 meters above the water’s surface.

Currently available wind products

Wind speed (microwave radiometers):

SSM/I RSS SSM/Iwww.remss.com/ssmi 1987 – present
TMI RSS SSM/Iwww.remss.com/tmi 1997 – present
AMSR-E RSS SSM/Iwww.remss.com/amsre 2002 – present

Wind speed & direction (microwave scatterometers):

QSCAT RSS SSM/Iwww.remss.com/qscat 1999 – present
SeaWinds RSS SSM/Iwww.remss.com/qscat 2003: Apr – Oct